Rhein Petroleum GmbH is a young oil and natural gas company. We use our experience coupled with modern technology to re-open and expand local oil and natural gas fields. Our focus lies in the Oberrheingraben and the Bavarian Alpine Foothills.
Germany has an oil and natural gas history stretching back 150 years. The Wietze field in the Lueneberg Heath was discovered as early as 1859. Today there are more than 560 known German oil and natural gas fields. Many people have been mining in a responsible way for decades. Our most important target regions are: the fields of Eich (Darmstadt), Landau (Pfalz), Speyer and Großaitingen (Augsburg).
However, local production has fallen from more than 8 million tons of oil (56 million barrels) at the end of the 1960s to 2.8 million tons in 2009. In some areas, the reserves simply became exhausted; however, in most cases, the owners of the fields just decommissioned them due to the prevailing very low oil and gas prices.
Rhein Petroleum believes that that there are still significant possibilities for conventional extraction in what are considered to be prematurely abandoned fields as well as their surroundings. We plan to explore and tap into this potential using modern methods such as 3D seismics in our permitted fields.

The staff and the management of Rhein Petroleum have decades of experience , the shareholders have considerable financial means, and we guarantee that all tasks we undertake will adhere to the most stringent safety and environmental requirements.

Domestic extraction of oil and gas has been recognised for more than 150 years. It is secure and clean and dangerous transportation across the world’s seas is spared. This makes us less dependent on imports and creates jobs, as well as income and additional tax revenue for the municipalities in question. We want to make the most of these advantages and you are warmly invited to join us.